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Pissarro Engagement Ring

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Pissarro Engagement Ring

6,550.00‍ AUD
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1.00ct Brilliant cut diamond engagement ring, with hidden diamond collar,  Floating diamond Halo & band set half way down the band. Available in all diamond shapes, sizes, Platinum, White, Yellow and Rose gold.

Diamond Quality

F colour SI1 clarity GIA certified and laser inscribed. Side stone Quality F colour SI clarity.

Michael's Recommendation

Why F colour & SI1 clarity? Over the years, Michael noticed a common theme amongst his clients choosing the best combination of colour and clarity with a size to match their budget. Michael has streamlined this process, making the choice easy for you and maintaining the highest standards of quality.


F colour diamonds proved to be the perfect balance. He avoids G and lesser-grade colours to maintain purity, and recommends not going higher then a F colour as you then pay a premium. Your eye would not notice the difference in colour, side by side with a D or E colour diamond.


SI1 is the perfect fit for our clients wanting a high quality diamond. They are 100% eye clean - this means no inclusions or imperfections can be seen to the naked eye, only under microscope - and they maintains a budget to achieve a nice sized diamond. Some SI2 clarity diamonds are eye clean but we will need to be very specific with the inclusion size and postition. If you would prefer a different clarity please contact us for an in-depth consultation over email, phone or in our boutique.


Michael Arthur offers a 10-year craftsmanship warranty on all pieces made. Any ready made chains or stones will not be covered by our warranty. We recommend all types jewellery and stone(s) used are to be insured by a third party, as damage, loss of goods or stones are not covered by our warranty. Stones or jewellery that are purchased elsewhere and are to be used in Michael Arthur’s jewellery pieces are not covered by Warranty. Michael Arthur takes all care but no responsibility if any damage or loss is caused in the process, insurance is highly recommend. Michael Arthur does not sell or work with enhanced or laser filled diamonds. Clients must show certification to prove so prior to starting work. Customers are entitled to 1 free resize which is to be conducted within 3 months of purchase. Any resizes from then on will be charged at normal rates.

Refunds & Returns:

No refunds or returns can be made on deposits, initial payments, or full payments. If the product you received is deemed in anyway unsatisfactory, containing defects or faulty, by Michael Arthur and another accredited valuation expert, we will either rectify and modify the original piece, or if required, remake the piece in such unlikely circumstances. International customers ONLY have a 30 day return policy for a store credit of the same value.

Pick up instore:

For all online orders, you have the option to pick up your purchase from our Paddington jewellery store; 236 Oxford Street, Paddington 2021. Upon completion of payment we will send you an email confirmation and the store will contact you directly to confirm when your order will be ready to pick up. Please be reminded that the person who places the order should collect the item unless otherwise arranged. Valid ID and a copy of your order confirmation will be requested.